Be welcome

Seems that if you are here is because we have something in common.

- "Don't worry, can be a good thing!"

Bytheway, I will try to be accurate and clear.

So, looking to be direct to the point: I want more.

But I learned that is not just money who I wish. Sorry. I want a good environment with good people.

Is it ok for you? Send me a message and let’s move! 馃榾

- "Hey, I'm going faster than you would like?聽Ok, I can talk a little more about who I am and what I'm looking for so we can feel a better fit, right?"


First Stage

- "We are moving forward, that's so cute!"

Let’s start with an easy-read profile made at no more than one paragraph:

My name is Alexandre Ferrari and I聽have experience in many topics around聽Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Business Development, Growth and Marketing. I love internet and your powerfull uses in business and because that聽i聽start and聽sell/broke/develop聽some start-ups. Between this, was raised more than 1 million in seed capital, host events and help to develop one of the biggest start-up communities in Brazil, and be part in Startup Brasil Program, Start You Up Accelerator and WOW Acellerator.聽At these days I’m associate consultant at聽Tra莽茫o.Online.

I deliver聽great results in:

  • Business Development.
  • Growth Manager (hacker, also) and聽Digital聽Marketing.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Consulting for great Startups.

Still interested? I can share more things with you…


Second Stage

- "We are going a little more deeply! :)"

Abilities or Stories? Both! In bullet-topics, obviously.

My start: when聽I聽learn what entrepreneurship do and how we can use it.

  • Born in a really聽small city far far away from the capital in the south聽of Brazil (less than 40k pop).
  • Help my father in a shoe’s retail shop plus hand-craft and paint products of the family.
  • With聽a band,聽12 years-old, and a聽guitar I come to聽play all around our state (also in forbidden clubs).
  • Start my first company exactly with 18 years-old (i needed to wait my birthday to sign the papers).
  • In university (URI), I was President in a Member of Brazil Junior and Counselor of State Federation (we start in 3 ones and finished with +500 members聽from all the country in our small city, we crowded聽the small town).

My development: when I got my way and start to develop my skills.

  • Invited to be Creative Director I come to be Marketing Manager and after Strategic Planner Board聽Member at the same university that I get聽my MBA, called URI.
  • Going back to my “old-business” I was聽to Florian贸polis (+1300km聽far away home)聽to live in front a beach and work on the internet.
  • Invited to be a founder聽of (the first Brazilian crowdsourcing platform), we come to be a finalist in聽Wayra Accelerator (by Telef贸nica) and聽start deals聽with Wallmart and also Telef贸nica聽VIVO (we made a R$100k +聽R$50 offer in prizes together!).
  • In a small team with聽one of the Submarino founders (biggest Brazilian e-commerce), we create聽3聽start-ups: Anjos,聽Entregas聽and Pagapramim.
    • Anjos was a security check solution to avoid fraud on retail. I learn that B2B to big companies is not easy.
    • Entregas was a marketplace to make deliveries and buy things during your trips. We got national recognizing at G1 by Globo. But the operations did not make much money at all.
    • Pagapramim聽was focused in a聽+40MM of unbanked in Brazil and start as a bill-extension platform who turn after in an online ATM to pay your bills easily. We did聽+$600k just in this project. Startup Brazil is a part. But we learn聽how much harder ($) is make loans and work as a bank. I sold my part after 1,5 years.
  • Start to make聽professional consulting to help other startups and host events with Circuito Startup聽in Florian贸polis, Vit贸ria, S茫o Paulo, Porto Alegre e Curitiba.
  • Invited to be聽founder at H2App in the beginning when the聽problem is pursuit the聽solution-product-fit and, second, make the customer-dev and find the product-mkt-fit. We did and after just $50k in survival money, we raise more than $200k in revenue and got some acknowledgment. We are bootstrapping now! So, this O2O app is an easy way to get delivery of water and kitchen聽gas connected with a whole solution of Supply-Chain and Business Intelligence for big players (like Nestl茅聽and others).
  • I’m currently an associate consultant for amazing startups like VTEX (mainly Xtech and Loja Integrada) and Town Sq, helping them get a sustainable growth model at Tra莽茫o.Online, who has聽bxblue聽(Y Combinator聽portfolio) and others great teams as clients!

My moment now: when I’m looking forward.

  • I’m looking for more (money and good people/environment) and I really want to understand what we can accomplish together. Let’s go send me a message! Will be nice start a conversation with you about our future.
  • As mentioned before, I’m ready聽to deliver true value in:
    • Business Development.
    • Growth Manager (hacker, also) and聽Digital聽Marketing.
    • Operations Manager.
    • Consulting for great Startups.

So that’s it. Do you wanna come more seriously about?

Third Stage聽

- "We seem like a match?! WOW!"

Ready to know more about me? We need to talk and move together!

->聽Send me a message, please! 馃檪